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Singles Ministry

The New York Conference Singles Ministry is a Christ centered Christ focused ministry that exists to encourage and uplift adult singles in their walk with God.

Let me go into more detail.  This is a ministry and not intended to be a match making service.  If during the course of our ministry work and events two people meet and are married that would be wonderful, but that is not the intent or design of this ministry.  Our intent is to point adult singles to Christ who alone can give them fulfillment.  It is often the case in our society that people believe that they need a marriage partner to be content and fulfilled.  We want to dispel this myth.

There are many people who are wounded and scared because of past relationships that didn’t work out.   God alone can heal these hurting individuals and God alone can bring us to a place where we are content.  “…for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”   Phil 4:11  It is only in Christ that Paul was able to find his contentment and we as a ministry would like to encourage adult singles to seek Christ first.

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