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Pinewood Derby Race Results

Junior Craftsmanship

1st Place:   Ginger Wells, Kingsbury

2nd Place: David Mancebo, Buffalo

3rd Place: Ruben Lowery, Buffalo

Teen Craftsmanship

1st Place:   Cecilia Hanuch, Bay Knoll

2nd Place: Hser Tha Yu Say, Westvale

3rd Place: Isaac Virtue, Kingsbury

Staff Craftsmanship

1st Place:   Katarine Beresnev, Kingsbury

2nd Place: Bethany Thompson, Buffalo

3rd Place: John Pfeffer, Westvale

Pathfinder Speed

1st Place:  Mary Lofty, Bay Knoll

2nd Place: Jonny, Bay Knoll

3rd Place: Leider, Bay Knoll

Staff Speed

1st Place:   Bethany Thompson, Buffalo

2nd Place: Katarina Beresnev, Kingsbury

3rd Place: John Pfeffer, Westvale

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