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2022 Derby Day Results

Junior Craftsmanship

1st Place:  Faith Conable, Ithaca

2nd Place: A J Wells, Kingsbury

3rd Place:  Ethan Loveless, Corning

4th Place:  Clarajane Pfeffer, Westvale

Teen Craftsmanship

1st Place:  Ginger Wells, Kingsbury

2nd Place: Levi Hill-Gilbert, Westvale

3rd Place:  Elijah Bonin, Westvale

4th Place:  Izayah J., Kingsbury

Staff Craftsmanship

1st Place:  Patrick Bonin, Westvale

2nd Place: Craig Gilmore, Westvale

3rd Place:  Ron Whitehead, Guest

4th Place:  Jill Royal, Ithaca

Pathfinder Speed

1st Place:  Elijah Bonin, Westavle

2nd Place: Ethan Loveless, Corning

3rd Place:  Isaiah Tau, Ithaca

4th Place:  Emmanual Show, Westvale

Staff Speed

1st Place:  Steve Adie, Ithaca

2nd Place: Jamie Loveless, Corning

3rd Place:  Jim Sherwood, Corning

4th Place:  Craig Gilmore, Westvale

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