2019 Derby Day Results

Junior Craftsmanship

1st Place:  Ginger Wells, Kingsbury

2nd Place: Leah loveless, Corning

3rd Place:  Caleb Jerez, Frontenac

4th Place:  Faith Conable, Corning

Teen Craftsmanship

1st Place: Jessica Cordon, Westvale 

2nd Place: Shea Sherwood, Corning

3rd Place:  Rebekah Virtue, Kingsbury

4th Place:  Aiden Orsburn, Bay Knoll

Pathfinder Speed

1st Place:  Leah Loveless, Corning

2nd Place: Hayden Loveless, Corning

3rd Place:  Hser Lau Eh Say, Westvale

4th Place:  Jose Rivera, Westvale

Staff Speed

1st Place:  Jim Sherwood, Corning 

2nd Place: Michelle Trombley, Westvale

3rd Place:  Donna Gilmore, Frontenac

4th Place:  Edelvis Hernandez, Buffalo

Staff Craftsmanship

1st Place:  Michelle Trombley, Westvale

2nd Place: Donna Gilmore, Frontenac

3rd Place:  Ceian Thomas, Ithaca

4th Place:  Johan Pauta, Buffalo

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