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Camp Cherokee Wishlist

Sponsors for needy campers.

     We want to share Jesus with the children in your family,

     in your church and in your community. Can you help get

     them to Camp Cherokee?

$48,000 to replace Hilltop  (Have $30,215)


$4,000 Horse Barn remodel (DONATED)

$3,500 Golf Cart (Have $500)

$1,550 for Turbidity Meter (Have $50)

$700 New head on water filtration system


$1,500 for 2 webcams/connections to livestream Camp

$10,000 Cherokee digital evangelism outreach (technology to go online with meetings)

$10,000 Septic Fund

$1,200 Repaint buildings (DONATED)

$120 Another set of bible Stories (DONATED)



$100 Steps to Jesus

Refurbish fence for horses (Have $1,100)

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