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Welcome to Camp Cherokee

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Please Note:
Pets are NOT allowed at Camp.

Brochure and Applications

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Camp Cherokee, click HERE!

If you want an unforgettable summer, then look no further than Camp Cherokee. Tucked away in the Adirondack Mountains of Northern New York, you will find a place so beautiful that you won’t want to leave.  It’s beauty not only comes from the mountainsides, sunrises, and the foggy, glass-like lake; but from the friendships you will make and the spiritual growth you will experience. Campers always say, “There just isn’t a place like Camp Cherokee.” This is because they find a slice of heaven there. Home cooked meals, activities to embrace the outdoors, and times of worship help people from all over reconnect to Christ and the true meaning of life.


Need something different this summer? Why not experience spiritual growth, make new friendships and learn to be a child of God at Camp Cherokee - the place to be for the “best summer ever."

2024 Camp Schedule

May 24-27           Memorial Day Work Camp

June 7-9              North Country Women's Retreat

Jun 30-July 7      Teen Camp

July 7-14               Junior Tween Camp

July 14-21             Adventure Camp

July 21-28            Gibbs Family Camp

July 28-Aug 4     Family Camp 1

August 4-11         Family Camp 2

August 11-14        Pastor's/Teacher's Retreat

August 15-18       Hispanic Retreat

August 18-23      Homeschool Family Camp

August 23-25      Joy of Troy Church Retreat

Aug 30-Sept. 2   Labor Day Binghamton Retreat

Sept. 2-6              USA Outdoor School

Sept. 6-8             Men for Christ Weekend

                                Click HERE for more info

                                Click HERE for brochure

Sept. 9-13            Elementary Outdoor School

Sept. 13-15           Leadership Training Weekend

                                Click HERE for more info

Sept. 20-22          North Country Church Retreat

Sept. 26-29         Young Adult Retreat

October 11-14      Columbus Day Work Camp

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